Disappointment — LAC VS NE

Hello Mr. Lynn,

It is that time of the week again. It is time for our weekly letter of misery and disappointment.

Today I will talk about (against my will) the Chargers vs New England game.

We were out-coached, outmatched and flat out outplayed by a team who lost a lot of their starters due to COVID-19 concerns. Bill Belichick out-schemed our team with his usual squad of undrafted free agents. You and all of our coordinators were lost during the entire game.

From not putting enough players on the field to putting too many players, you and your friends led this team to the worst loss in franchise history. Our offense laid a lovely egg on the scoreboard. The only upside of this game was seeing Kenneth Murray finally get the chance do something, he registered 14 tackles, two tackles for loss and a sack. Please tell Gus Bradley to use his players correctly.

Hopefully you can lose out and help us get a better draft pick before you leave.

Best regards,