The San Diego Padres have gone on a 9 game winning streak. Whats more impressive is that they beat the then first place Cardinals without 5 starters, including Fernando Tatis Jr. They essentially beat the Cardinals with their AAA roster, which is always pretty cool.

The Pads went on to beat the Colorado Rockies, a divisional opponent who managed to earn one run in three games. The Friars had stellar pitching, with their first three starters recording double digit strikeouts. Any more strikeouts and there would have been a potassium overdose.

The final series sweep was against a Mariners team whose bullpen suffered a terrible blow due to COVID. The Padres made easy work out of them. Eric Hosmer and Fernando Tatis Jr Returned to the lineup. Tatis had another stellar performance, going 4–4 with two home runs, one being a Grand Slam.

The Friar faithful will now go on a long road trip, playing against the Brewers, Astros and Cubs on the road.