A long rant about school and bias.

I was chilling one day watching YouTube, when I saw a video pop into my recommended section. The video was titled “Do Schools Discriminate Against Boys?” by this channel under the name “Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint”. The video itself wasn’t that bad with the bulk of the argument and evidence coming from a paper written by Dr. Jim Dueck. Dr. Dueck has had a career in education for more than 40 years. In Canada, the grades are divided by standardized tests and classroom grades. While it’s supposed to be a 50/50 ordeal, in reality the classroom grades weigh more. The video essentially argues that bias in teachers against male students affects their grade, which allows for less opportunities down the line.

The video also used a couple of numbers and data from The Province, a Canadian newspaper who is owned by Postmedia Network. Postmedia Network and their subsidiaries tend to lean towards the political right. The channel itself is related to the The Living Church of God, and under the Channels tab, you can see another channel named Tomorrow’s World and its description. Do as you wish with this information.

The video made me think about my own experiences in school and how there had been some clear, outrageous examples of favoritism and bogus rules put in place. Thus I begun my quest, are dudes really getting the short end of the stick?

The answer is a little complicated.

A literal school is just a building and inanimate object can’t really be biased. According to Google school is an institution for educating children. An institution is an organization founded for a religious, educational, professional, or social purpose. The definition of organization is an organized group of people with a particular purpose, such as a business or government department. By following that logic, the people who make up the organization are biased therefore a school is be biased.

Humans are always a little bit biased even though we do not want to admit it. This includes the humans who make the rules and enforce the rules for schools, such as teachers and administrators. While there are instances in schools worldwide in which boys get the short end of the stick by teachers and administrators who have built up a biased against men, it is not fair to make a generalization such as school is only biased against dudes when there are plenty of cases that schools are biased against girls, examples include deciding what they wear in casual days when boys don’t and charging money for the use of certain hygiene products.

One of the roots for a lot of this bias galore is the school system. Bad institutions mold students by inadvertently teaching them bias. You can see this by the types of literature and activities that school teach. Old literature tends to involve traces of toxic masculinity and fighting among other things. Adults don’t sit down and tell kids what they are supposed to do saying things such as “schools will take care of that”. Schools don’t. Kids unconsciously pick up these negative things and start implementing them in the real life. Teachers see this and will go on and punish kids or say the infamous frase “Boys will be boys.” Now teachers have a slight bias against boys which only increases as time goes on. The dudes now negatively treat others, including their girl peers. This gives everyone involved a bad taste in the mouth. Kids grow up, become professionals and eventually run the school. They have built up bias which they will take out on the next generation by implementing weird rules to try and “Control this problem” which only makes it worse and it just adds fuel the cycle. This does not mean that schools are the sole reason that some kids are crappy. There are some parents that flat out suck at doing their job as a parent. Kids sleep for 8 hours, They out of the house for another 10, and in most cases spend about 2 hours with their parents before they are sent to bed, this behavior must come from somewhere.

So in a way, little dudes are getting shortchanged, but a better statement would be the following: The outdated school system and parent negligence create a negative, vicious cycle in which new generations of boys and girls end up getting screwed.